Home page for Will Towne’s RideAcrossAmerica2019 in support of the Josh Wesner Memorial Scholarship at Kutztown University of PA and St. Luke’s Hospice, Bethlehem, PA

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A 3,695-mile bike ride across the United States from Oregon to NH, June 23 to Aug 12, 2019

Supporting the Joshua W. Wesner Memorial Scholarship at Kutztown University of PA and St. Luke’s Hospice of Bethlehem, PA.

My wife Ann and I paid all of the trip’s expenses, so all donations will go directly and entirely to the recipient causes.

The Fundraiser page lists donors’ names—names only, unless donors choose to donate anonymously—and total funds raised so far. The Blog page has notes and photos from the road.

Donate now using the black “DONATE TO THE SCHOLARSHIP” and “DONATE TO HOSPICE CARE” buttons below, which link directly to donation pages at KU and St. Luke’s, respectively. Donations of any amount to either cause will be gratefully accepted.

An inspiring person

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Josh Wesner

The most inspiring person I have ever known is Josh Wesner, one of my personal heroes. Josh was a student of mine at KU who passed away when he was just 23 years old from Hodgkin’s lymphoma, but not before inspiring many people, including me, with his courage and commitment. The more Josh was challenged by difficult circumstances, such as the serious car accident that left him with some disabilities and then Hodgkin’s, the more he sought opportunities to contribute. Spending even a few moments with Josh left one feeling more alive somehow.

Please consider contributing toward the Joshua W. Wesner Memorial Scholarship. Press the DONATE button below to learn more about Josh and the scholarship and to donate.

A compassionate organization

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St. Luke’s Hospice, Bethlehem, PA

The doctors, nurses, social workers, chaplains, aides, administrative staff, and volunteers of St. Luke’s Hospice are the embodiment of compassion. Hospice is the branch of palliative medicine for patients approaching the ends of their lives and for their loved ones. Its staff is focused on ensuring that people spend their last months and days with dignity and quality, that patients’ and families’ wishes are respected, and that families and loved ones are supported. As a volunteer with St. Luke’s Hospice, and having experienced hospice care in my own family, I know what a difference it makes to patients and their families.

St. Luke’s is a regional non-profit health network. To learn more and to contribute toward the St. Luke’s Hospice endowment, press the DONATE button below.

Thanks to America by Bicycle for supporting the ride logistically and for allowing me to use their photos here.