Day 25: 73 miles from Murdo, SD → Chamberlain, SD

Today we rolled through more grassland in central South Dakota with a moderate headwind making it tougher. We crossed the halfway point (in miles) for the entire trip and also the Missouri River. Further, we are now in the Central Time zone. Today's scenery was mostly familiar, but I saw a tree full of now-empty great blue heron nests with a single bird flying around, as the young had evidently fledged.

Day 24 5.jpg

This photo was actually from yesterday, but my math shows that we reached the halfway point of the trip (about 1,850 miles) today, not yesterday. That’s me, Matt, and Scott.

Day 25 Heron rookery.jpg

Great blue heron rookery. There are few trees in this area, and the herons seem to have found the single tree of any good size within miles.