Day 26: 71 miles from Chamberlain, SD → Mitchell, SD

Ann left this morning for Davenport, IA, where she’ll spend a few days with family before returning home. We took a nice—but hot—walk along the Missouri river after dinner last evening. I’m going to miss her!

Today’s ride was fast (18.5 mph) because of a nice tailwind all day and fun because Matt and I rode together and had a long, pleasant conversation. Matt’s great. Many days, by contrast, the wind or road noise don’t allow much conversation.

Day 26 1.jpg

A view of the bridge over the Missouri River as seen from our walk in Chamberlain in the evening.

Day 26 2.jpg

A selfie in the park where we walked. That’s the river in the background.

Day 26 3.jpg

A SAG stop on the way to Mitchell. This is a really nice group I’m riding with. I’m told the average age (of about 30 riders) is 62, one year younger than me.