Day 32: 87 miles from Rochester, MN → La Crosse, WI

This was a fun day. The ride was long enough to be challenging and on nice roads, and the weather was perfect. The terrain was pleasing to my eye, as it reminded me of home, with rolling farmland composed of many small farms and small mountains in the distance, like South Mountain or the Blue Ridge at home. It all made me a little homesick, along with Ann’s recent reports of normal life in Kempton, PA, combined with a little news from Sam and Rachel, who are living in New York City but visiting home a little this week. I miss them a lot.

On the ride, we spent 12 miles on a beautiful, quiet bike path and then stopped at a coffee shop at the path’s end for a leisurely mug of coffee and a piece of strawberry-rhubarb pie. So good. And so was the company. Toward the end of the ride we crossed the Mississippi River into Wisconsin. In the evening, we had a nice dinner with very good food—almost any food is good after a ride like that—and good conversation. I miss home, but things are very good here, too.

map-of-minnesota copy.jpg
Day 32 5.JPG
Day 32 4.JPG

Friends Rob, Scott, Jeff, and Matt on the way to dinner.

Day 32 3.JPG

The Mississippi