Day 11: 97 miles from Mountain Home, ID → Twin Falls, ID

Today’s ride was great, the best for me so far. It was long and challenging but do-able. The morning was cool, the landscape beautiful, and the riding peaceful. It was one of those rides for which what I wrote after the Day 1 ride applies: “In many moments of such a ride, it’s simply enough in every way just to be there.” Moreover, at a SAG stop at mile 60 I was delighted to meet up with a former student (photos below) who had responded to an email I sent to KU’s biology alumni for the fundraiser. We eventually discovered that she lives a few blocks from a planned stop on our route and arranged to meet! Finally, there were also some spectacular views along the way.

Day 11 3 Cassie and Ginny.jpg

Cassie Skinner Mavencamp (holding her adorable daughter Ginny) graduated from KU in 2006 and is now statewide data administrator for the Bureau of Land Management, a job she likes a lot. Cassie wrote the following about the Biology Department at KU: “One of my favorite things about the biology program at KU was the faculty's dedication to their students. I never felt second tier to graduate students or administration. Your ride for Josh Wesner is a testament to this feeling.”

Day 11 4 Cassie's Family.jpg

Cassie’s lovely family: Fritz, Cassie, and the twins Ginny and Gus.