Day 14: 67 miles from Pocatello, ID → Idaho Falls, ID

Today’s ride was an easy one on good roads, a “rolling rest day”—I certainly never thought I’d think of 67 miles as rest!—that allowed us to recover from yesterday and prepare for tomorrow’s big climb over the Teton Pass into Jackson, WY. It’ll be 90 miles with more than 6100 feet of climbing up to the pass. I’ve been looking forward to this climb with concern for several days; I guess we’ll soon see how hard it really is. The photos make up a miscellaneous collection from the last 24 hours.

Day 14 1.jpg

A few of the great folks I’ve been hanging around with either during or between rides: Dan, Joe, Scott, Matt, John.

Day 14 2.jpg

A typical view from today’s ride through irrigated farmland. It’s a little wetter here, as grass pastures grow without irrigation.

Day 14 3.JPG

Falls in the Snake River in the town of Idaho Falls where we’re staying.

Day 14 4.JPG

After the ride today, we watched a replay of the Women’s World Cup final, Netherlands v. USA. Scott (left) and I are Americans, of course, Kees (middle) is Dutch, and Matt (right) is English. The USA won 2:0 in a good match.