Day 15: 92 miles from Idaho Falls, ID → Jackson, WY

Today we crossed the 1000-mile mark for the entire trip early in the day and then the Wyoming border at about 70 miles. The ride culminated in a 14-mile climb of increasing steepness up to Teton Pass at 8,431 feet, which overlooks Jackson to the east. Along the way, we encountered a strong thunderstorm from which three of us took shelter in the wood shop of a local fireman. The climb to the pass was definitely challenging, but in my memory the Day 6 ride was harder despite the statistics.

Idaho map.jpg

Two states and 1000 miles down


We could see the thunderstorm coming from the west.


Crossing into Wyoming partway up the mountain.

Day 15 4.jpg
Day 15 5.jpg

Selfie from the top of Teton Pass overlooking Jackson, with mountains in the distance.