Day 44: 104 miles from Niagara Falls, NY → Rochester, NY

Yesterday (Day 43) was a rest day in Niagara Falls, and Scott and I spent most of the day visiting Scott’s good friend and colleague Ed who lives on Grand Island just south of Niagara Falls. Ed gave us a tour of parts of Buffalo, drove us to visit Scott’s cousin Don in Tonawanda just north of Buffalo, and treated us to a wonderful home-cooked meal with his family. This was a fun and welcome break from the hotel routine.

The ride today (Day 44) was the last 100-mile ride of the tour, although the six remaining rides will be challenging enough even if a bit shorter. The route followed the Niagara River north with the flow of the water toward Lake Ontario and then turned eastward along the lake’s shore for about 50 miles before dropping south for the last 30-40 miles. Near Rochester, we rode on a paved bike path that was formerly a tow path for the Erie Canal.

Day 44 4.jpg

We pedaled northward along the Niagara River and then eastward along the shore of Lake Ontario toward Rochester

Day 44 1.jpg

On the shore of Lake Ontario near the first SAG stop (fork and knife symbols on the map above)

Day 44 2.jpg

About 20 miles from Rochester, we encountered an eastward-moving storm, which we sat out in a gas station mini-mart.

Day 44 3.JPG

The Erie Canal as seen from the bike path (formerly a canal tow path) near Rochester