Day 45: 88.5 miles from Rochester, NY → Syracuse, NY

It finally rained on us today. We were due. We set off from the hotel at 7:30 AM and rode in a steady light rain for about 2½ hours. Fortunately, it wasn’t cold, and I was fine in my usual fair-weather clothes. It dried up after that, and the sun even broke through for a while around noon. We rode hard for most of the day, first to make good progress through the morning rain and later because the forecast called for another, stronger storm to pass through Syracuse, our destination, at about 2:30 PM. That storm arrived on schedule, but we beat it, thanks mostly to Scott’s pulling me along for most of the last 20 miles. The hard riding took a toll, though, and we are sore and exhausted this evening. Thank goodness tomorrow’s ride will be a moderate distance with (we think) favorable winds. Life is simple here: good roads, good weather, and tailwinds can totally make our day.

Day 45.jpg

Toward the end of the ride, I paused to take a photo of Onondaga Lake from a nice bike path through a park on the lake. A group of four other riders Wally, Jeff, Bob, and Rob (left to right) rode by and stopped for a photo, too. Rob (next to me in the photo) is the one who lent me a wheel back in Sioux Falls after mine cracked, and it’s still working great.